Why you should have a driveway?

A driveway can prove to be a very worthwhile investment, whether you want to create a parking space to safely store your vehicle or you are looking to add value to your property

The benefits of having a driveway are often overlooked, despite being the first thing someone will see when visiting your property. Here,are some of the reasons why driveways are becoming more and more popular among homeowners, and how your property can benefit from having one fitted.

1.Increases property prices and adds kerb appeal

The driveway is the first thing potential buyers will see when viewing a property, so a stylish, low maintenance drive will make a great first impression for those visiting. So, the addition of a driveway can instantly increase the value of a property by 5-10%, leading many homeowners to invest in one prior to selling their house.

2. Minimizes the risk of your car being stolen

Cars on the road can be stolen and be damaged. To reduce the chance of your vehicle being taken, you can store your car on a driveway , as thieves will be deterred by the prospect of having to come nearer to your property. To improve security on your driveway, you can choose to put certain measures in place, such as the installation of a security gate or motion detector lighting. That way, you can rest assured knowing that you have implemented the necessary security measures to keep your car as safe as possible.

3. Reduces the cost of car insurance

Keeping your vehicle on a driveway is typically much cheaper than parking it in the garage or on a road, when it comes to car insurance.  While it may seem tempting for car owners to say their car is kept on a driveway when it’s actually parked on the road, they could end up invalidating the insurance and any claims will be refused by the insurance company if they are caught out.


4. Makes a lasting impression

With an array of textures, colors and materials available, you are guaranteed to find a driveway style to complement your modern or traditional home seamlessly. As your driveway is typically the first thing people will see when visiting your property, incorporating a stylish design will impress and inspire family, friends and potential buyers alike.



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