Reasons for starting a garden in your backyard

Learning how to plant a garden and taking care of a few plants can be very beneficial in many ways, both to you and those around you. Mostly, people wouldn’t think of gardening when trying to figure out ways to save fuel & energy, or the ways in which they can help with the effects of global warming. However, starting up a garden can do a great deal of good to the environment.

Think about it this way: the produce you buy at the market has to be transported from where it’s grown. This requires the usage of fossil fuels. Thus, if you have a garden, you will no longer require them, creating less demand for produce shipped using environmentally-damaging fuels. Moreover, the space you use to plant vegetables or flowers can directly save up some money, because you won’t need to take care of that part of the lawn anymore. Here are some more reasons to convince you to start your own garden:

  • Health benefits. Eating vegetables and fruits is a sure-fire way to maintain a healthy body. Many types of diseases and long-term health risks can be managed or completely avoided when you include fruit and veggies in your diet. The scientific evidence cannot be disputed, as many studies show clearly that many chronic afflictions and disorders can be avoided with this simple dietary choice. Furthermore, the bonus of having them grown in your yard, and picked exactly when they’re ripe makes it even better.
  • Relaxation and exercise. This ties in with the previous reason. The food itself isn’t the only healthy factor in having a garden of your own. Staying outside and gardening on a clear day can help you relax and get some fair amount of exercise. Moving around your plants and caring for them will be some of the most relaxing moments of your day. It will help take away the pressure from other issues, or get away from a boring routine. Dealing with stress is much easier when you occupy yourself with such an activity.
  • Save money on groceries. Investing some money into growing your own food in your backyard will go a long way towards saving up. It will pay for itself and more. According to gardening experts, a tenth of an acre is enough space to grow vegetables for one person – for an entire year. It’s easy to see how much money you can save, considering the average price of vegetables in the supermarket.
  • Nowadays, few people get around to being neighbourly. We spend a lot of time indoors, checking the latest updates on social media platforms. Gardening can take the edge off when it comes to distancing yourself from the virtual world. Furthermore, it creates bonds between people – you will impress your neighbours in no time with your little piece of heaven!
  • Help your children. Kids who grow up further from nature can become estranged from what ties us to our world. People must be taught to embrace our ancestral link with nature, and gardening is a perfect way to combat these effects. Children can observe animals and plants interacting – the dance of life can teach them many things about their relationship to the environment. Furthermore, it is also a good way to help them understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Learning how to take care of a garden is something anyone can do. It’s easy and the benefits are numerous. If you have even a small space in your yard that isn’t dedicated to anything else, starting up a garden can be a perfect way to improve many aspects of your home and your family life.

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